When virtue signalling goes wrong: Elizabeth Banks wrongfully calls out Steven Spielberg in resurfaced footage

When virtue signalling goes wrong: Elizabeth Banks wrongfully calls out Steven Spielberg in resurfaced footage

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  • Nov 03
Elizabeth Banks and Steven Spielberg

In the world of Hollywood, controversies and misstatements often find their way back into the spotlight, especially in the age of the internet. Recently, a clip from 2017 featuring actress and director Elizabeth Banks resurfaced, in which she claimed that Steven Spielberg had never cast female leads in his films. Talk about looking like an idiot!

The Remark That Started It All

During a speech at the Women in Film’s Crystal + Lucy Awards in 2017, Elizabeth Banks took the stage to address the lack of female representation in Hollywood. In her speech, she said, “I went to Indiana Jones and Jaws and every movie Steven Spielberg ever made, and by the way, he’s never made a movie with a female lead. Sorry, Steven. I don’t mean to call your ass out, but it’s true.” One audience member was quick to correct her by shouting out The Colour Purple, Speilberg’s 1985 film starring Whoopie Goldberg.

Elizabeth Banks’ Apology

Upon the resurgence of the clip, Elizabeth Banks took to Twitter to address her previous comments. She admitted her mistake and issued an apology to Steven Spielberg, stating, “I messed up. When referring to Steven Spielberg at the Women in Film Awards, I framed my comments about his films inaccurately. I want to be clear from the start that I take full responsibility for what I said, and I’m sorry.”

The moral of the story here is, if you’re going to try and dunk on someone and be a pretentious douche like Elizabeth Banks for your own internet brownie points, you should probably have all the facts first and not improvise on stage.

Whoopie Goldberg

Fact-Checking Elizabeth Banks

This misrepresentation of the facts by Elizabeth Banks prompted a closer look at Spielberg’s filmography. Turns out that Spielberg has actually directed 3 films with female leads:

“The Sugarland Express” (1974) – This crime drama starred Goldie Hawn in a leading role, telling the story of a couple on the run from the law.

“The Color Purple” (1985) – Whoopi Goldberg delivered a powerful performance in this adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel, earning an Oscar nomination for her role.

“The BFG” (2016) – The film prominently featured the young actress Ruby Barnhill as the main character, Sophie.

So there you have it, Elizabeth Banks, think before you talk shit.


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