How The Exorcist Changed The Horror Genre

How The Exorcist Changed The Horror Genre

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  • Nov 02
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Today we’re diving into an absolute banger of a horror film – “The Exorcist.” You know, when you’re talking about horror movies from the ’70s, this one’s gotta be up there, right?


So, picture this: We got this girl, Regan, and she’s got a demon hitchhiker. And they ain’t just sittin’ around playin’ cards – we’re talkin’ head spinning, levitation, and furniture tossing. Some really freaky shit.

Exorcist Special Effects

Now, the folks behind the Exorcist, they weren’t messing around. They knew they had to make this demon possession thing look as real as a heart attack. They went old-school with their special effects, none of that pussy CGI crap. They even got some priests on board as technical advisors – because who better to consult on exorcisms than the pros, right?    Now, the Exorcist special effects were groundbreaking for their time. “HELP ME” carved into Regan’s stomach – not a sticker, folks, they did that on set! And that head-spinning? They made a mold of the actress’s head and twisted it like a pretzel. Classic!    

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Exorcist Marketing

But it wasn’t just the effects that made “The Exorcist” a game-changer. They had some tricks up their sleeves when it came to marketing too. Release it right after Christmas to tap into that religious vibe – genius! And those posters, with the priest holding a knife? You knew you were in for some serious shit.    They even started some rumors – like Ellen Burstyn’s minor injury getting blown way out of proportion, and the set burning down after a priest blessed it. But here’s the kicker, they played both sides of the fence. They got religious groups all riled up, gave ’em a platform to scream about the movie, and boom – controversy and free advertising!    

Now, when this movie dropped, people were losing their minds. Cops were coming out saying they’d never seen anything like it. It was the first of its kind, and it left folks shocked and disgusted – in a good way!    Now, you might watch it today and chuckle at the special effects, but put yourself in the shoes of someone from back then. It was a whole new ballgame, and it had people barfing in the aisles. That’s why “The Exorcist” is still a heavyweight in the horror world.  I mean, sure, we’ve got CGI and AI now, but they don’t make ’em like they used to. “The Exorcist” was a trailblazer, a pioneer in the world of horror movies. It’s the OG that paved the way for all the creepy shit we see today.  So, next time you wanna watch something that’ll give you the creeps, don’t forget to tip your hat to “The Exorcist.” It may be old-school, but it’s still got that demonic magic that’ll keep you up at night. 

Do you remember the first time you saw the Exorcist?


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