Movies You Might Not Know Were Produced by Martin Scorsese

Movies You Might Not Know Were Produced by Martin Scorsese

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  • Nov 03
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Martin Scorsese is an absolute  legend in the world of cinema, and his influence extends beyond just directing. As a producer, he has been involved in tons of projects, some of which have flown under the radar but are worth checking out. Let’s take a closer look at the production gems  of Martin Scorsese.

Martin Scorsese Production Credits

Free Fire (2016):

Directed by Ben Wheatley, this black comedy boasts an impressive ensemble cast but didn’t quite hit the mark critically or commercially.


The Snowman (2017):

This thriller had potential but suffered from production issues, including a rushed script, which might have been due to studio interference. Scorsese’s involvement remains somewhat mysterious.


The Current War (2017):

This historical drama faced distribution challenges due to its association with The Weinstein Company. Despite a talented cast, it struggled at the box office.


Bleed For This (2016):

A boxing biopic with a strong comeback story, this film may not be on par with “Raging Bull,” but it features a commendable performance by Miles Teller.


The Souvenir (2019):

An indie darling with critical acclaim, this film stands out despite its lack of big-name actors. Its success even led to a sequel, unusual for Scorsese-associated projects.


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Clockers (1995):

Directed by Spike Lee, this gritty tale of street-level drug dealers has endured as a compelling crime drama. 


The Grifters (1990):

A neo-noir film with a captivating narrative and strong performances from John Cusack and Anjelica Huston, though it may have been overshadowed by Martin Scorsese’s mega hit “Goodfellas” in the same year.


The Family (2013):

A reunion of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro after two decades, this gangster film has a unique twist, focusing on a family in witness protection.


Life Itself (2014):

A touching documentary tribute to Roger Ebert by Martin Scorsese, the legendary film critic, showcasing the profound impact he had on the world of cinema.


Uncut Gems (2019):

Often regarded as the crown jewel of Martin Scorsese’s production endeavours, this heart-pounding thriller starring Adam Sandler received critical acclaim for its intense storytelling.


Martin Scorsese’s versatility as a filmmaker and producer is evident in this list, showcasing a diverse range of films across different genres and styles. While not all of them achieved widespread recognition or success, they each offer a unique cinematic experience worth exploring for fans of Scorsese’s work and film enthusiasts in general.


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