Unveiling the Cringeworthy World of Product Placements in Movies

Unveiling the Cringeworthy World of Product Placements in Movies

  • By G-Bone
  • Nov 02
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All movies now have product placement in them. It’s how they pay for part of the budget of these major films, and make sure that we cannot escape our corporate overlords.


This list is not just seeing a billboard for Hooters or Trojans in the background of movies, it’s when the product placement cringingly becomes a talking point or part of the plot of a movie.

Casino Royale: Omega Watch

James Bond always has a bunch of brands in their movies, to make them seem classy as our favourite alcoholic murderer wears them. But it’s so cringey this scene where they specifically let you know, that he now hates Rolex and believes that Omega is now the watch he wears while dicking down every 10 he sees. Shameless mother fucking product placement!

Fast and Furious: Corona

Family, family and nice ice-cold corona product placement. The fast and furious movies are obviously all about the family, but Dom loves nothing more than sucking back a corona. They definitely backed up a truck full of cash (or coronas) to Vin Diesel’s house. Everyone in this movie drinks the Corona in a very distinct way also, the beer by the neck, with the Corona logo facing the camera. I know that’s how I like to throw them back like a normal guy after a long day of, stealing DVD players or…. Stopping nuclear terrorists or whatever the fuck this franchise is about now.

Transformers: All of it

It’s not only product placement for toys, it’s an ad for everything, from Mountain Dew to the US Army, Michael Bay just let any jerkoff who handed him a few bucks put their product in this movie. If he’s ever allowed to do another Transformers movie we’re going to see OnlyFans girls, dildos, and fleshlights in it for sure…… ok maybe he can make one product placement exception…

Space Jam Legacy: Demented promotion of Warner Bros characters

This train wreck of a movie is just fucking relentless. It takes “cameos” to a whole other level and crams as much of their shitty intellectual property into the movie as they possibly can.

The movie is horrible for a multitude of reasons, but seeing every character the company has ever created, swaying back and forth on the sidelines watching like non-playable characters is somehow even worse then regular product placement.


The specific example I could not believe I saw on the sideline is the fucking DROOGS from a clockwork orange. Hey! Here’s a fun movie about Lebron and bugs bunny facing…..someone (I can’t remember), let’s include a cameo from the Droogs, the roving torture, rape, and murder gang from the hyper-violent book and movie A Clockwork Orange! Who needs run-of-the-mill product placement when you have the droogs…


The best part is they decided not to include Pepé Le Pew because he was too problematic for a kid’s movie! As Hollywood becomes less profitable, well probably see more product placement in years to come. 

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What's the worst product placement you've seen in a movie?


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