Rachel Zegler: A PR Team’s Worst Nightmare

Rachel Zegler: A PR Team’s Worst Nightmare

  • By Movie Moments
  • Nov 03
Snow White and Rachel Zegler

Disney’s live-action adaptation of Snow White was expected to be a magical journey into a beloved fairy tale. However, the film has encountered more than its fair share of controversies, and at the heart of the latest storm is none other than the film’s star, Rachel Zegler. Rachel Zegler's past statements about the movie, its original story, and more have resurfaced, sparking a backlash that’s spreading like wildfire across social media platforms. Here’s why Rachel Zegler has become a PR team’s worst nightmare.


When Disney announced Rachel Zegler as the lead for the live-action Snow White, it set off a wave of criticism. Many argued that her casting was a forced, “woke” move, given that the 22-year-old Colombian-American actress didn’t match the original Snow White, a character of German descent. This initial casting controversy laid the foundation for what was to come.

Rachel Zegler

As if the casting controversy weren’t enough, Rachel Zegler’s penchant for speaking her mind in a blunt and unfiltered manner added fuel to the fire. She shared her thoughts on Disney and the original Snow White in an offhand and mocking way. This led to even more backlash online.


During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rachel Zegler admitted that she watched the original Snow White animation as a child and found it so terrifying that she only watched it once and never again. This revelation raised concerns among fans about her commitment to a character she allegedly found frightening.


In interviews, Rachel Zegler hinted at significant changes in the live-action adaptation, emphasizing that “it is no longer 1937.” She mentioned that Prince Charming would not be the savior who wakes Snow White with a kiss, and the princess wouldn’t simply dream of true love. Instead, she described Snow White as a character who aspires to be a leader. Zegler also touched on reimagining Snow White as “just” rather than fair-skinned, which led to further controversy.

Rachel Zegler calls Prince Charming a "Stalker"

Perhaps the most polarizing statement came when Zegler referred to Prince Charming as a “stalker”. She quipped that they might even cut the scenes featuring Prince Charming altogether, playfully remarking, “it’s Hollywood, baby.”


As Disney’s live-action Snow White approaches its release date in cinemas worldwide on March 22, 2024, the film’s marketing and PR teams face an uphill battle. They must navigate the storm of controversy that Rachel Zegler’s comments have generated, all while trying to maintain the magic and anticipation surrounding this classic tale. It remains to be seen whether this PR nightmare will cast a shadow over the film’s success or whether audiences will ultimately embrace this reimagined Snow White.


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