South Park Joining the Panderverse Review

South Park Joining the Panderverse Review

  • By G-Bone
  • Nov 02
South Park Joining the Panderverse Review

Analyzing one of the best episodes in a while

Hey there you crazy bastards, it’s your pals from Movie Moments, and this is your South Park Joining the Panderverse Review!


We would like to being by saying these guys, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, do not fucking miss. As always they found a way to take the absurd shit that’s happening around us every day and make it funny as fuck; and in South Park Joining the Panderverse, it's perfectly executed


They really went after Hollywood and their cringy-ass pandering techniques. So what are they mocking? The fact that Hollywood keeps crapping out these rehashed old ideas, and thinks by just throwing in a black or female cast will somehow make it interesting. Getting to disect this was one of the best parts of the parts of the South Park Joining the Panderverse Review.


Movie Moments has no problem with diversity, But here’s the kicker, the diversity angle, it ain’t making these movies any better. South Park is spot on, saying, “Hey, how ’bout you make some fresh roles with interesting diverse characters instead of lazily changing someone’s race?” I couldn’t agree more.


No complaints here, folks. South Park just being South Park, and that’s what we love about ’em. Now, this episode will probably ruffle some feathers of the more pussified portions of the population, but that’s what good media is supposed to do, right? If there’s one thing South Park always does right, it’s getting a reaction out of audiences, regardless of where they stand on the matter. 

Let’s talk about the funniest parts of this episode

  • The handymen becoming billionaires in a space race. Although filthy fucking rich, they’re still a bunch of slobs, ass cracks and all. 
  • Cartman as Kathleen Kennedy, pounding his fist and telling people to make everything a woman and make it gay? Damn near pissed my pants. 

So, is it worth a watch? Fuck ya, without a doubt. Rewatchable? A hundred percent. The originality? A solid 10 out of 10. And who’s this episode for? Well, it’s for the good old bros who are sick of those lame woke casting decisions, those who want a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry. 


In the end, I’d give this episode a solid 10 out of 10 for the story. South Park keeps delivering the goods, making us laugh, and giving us something to think about. So, go check it out you crazy bastards and we hope you enjoyed our South Park Joining the Panderverse review.

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