About Us

Hey, you bunch of lunatics! Welcome to Movie Moments – your go-to spot for unfiltered hot-takes, memes, and all the craziness of Hollywood news overall.

Movie Moments consists of a couple of buddies who share a love for good movies, dirty jokes, and making people laugh.

At Movie Moments, we're not your typical entertainment news source. We're the Hollywood outsiders, the unfiltered voice of the masses. We've got articles that'll make you snort, reviews that cut through the crap, and memes that'll have you spitting out your coffee.

Not only that, we sell quality American-made movie merch; because, let's face it, who doesn't love a good T-shirt?

What separates us from the rest? We tell it like it is. No sugarcoating, no bullshit. We love pointing out the absurdity of this industry, from the red carpets to the after-parties. If something's ridiculous, you bet your ass we're joking about it.

So, if you're tired of the same old Hollywood song and dance, stick around. We're Movie Moments, where good movies meet dirty jokes, and we're here to entertain the hell out of you. Let the show begin!

Movie Moments is born

The birth of Movie Moments

With the introduction of Instagram video, Movie Moments started sharing 15-second movie clips.

A Well-Deserved Repost

Ava Fiore reposts to her 1M+ following

Ava Fiore shouts out Movie Moments on her page, giving it a huge boost in followers.

The Great Pivot

Movie Moments Starts Posting Movie Memes

Movie Moments is revived and a large, organic growth phase begins.


Movie Moments is All-In

Movie Moments launches YouTube channel, TikTok, TV Moments. Movie Moments has started to promote feature films.

Time To Build The Brand

Movie Moments Blog & Shop

Movie Moments launches website and merchandise line.

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