4 Hollywood Conspiracies That Turned Out To Be True

4 Hollywood Conspiracies That Turned Out To Be True

  • By Movie Moments
  • Nov 26
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Hollywood, where the people are plastic and the cocaine is as pure as the driven snow. It's no surprise that it's a breeding ground for fucked up rumours, some of which turned out to be true. In this article, we're going to deep dive into some of the darkest depths of Tinsel Town's past.

The Red Scare and the Hollywood Blacklist:

During the 1940s and 1950s, the commies were on the loose and Americans were freaked out, which led to the infamous "Red Scare". This paranoia took its toll on Hollywood, and plenty of actors, writers and directors were added to the blacklisted for suspected communist sympathies. So the blacklist is no secret, but what makes it a conspiracy theory it was later revealed that the government was far more involved than initially lead on.

CIA Involvement in Hollywood:

Believe it or not, those sneaky bastards at the CIA had an impact on Hollywood (more than we think). The CIA worked very closely with directors, writers and producers, giving notes and altering scripts to shape the image of the U.S.A. One example of a movie that the CIA was directly involved in was the James Bond movie "Thunderball"

Operation Mockingbird:

Similar to the above entry, the CIA impacted Hollywood and other media outlets by scooping up Hollywood creatives to spread complete bullshit and bend public opinion. The full extent of the involvement is completely known, but one thing is for sure, information and government influence were going together hand in hand. 

Harvey Weinstein:

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Last but not least, the king of the scumbags himself, Harvey Weinstein. For years, this pig's actions were nothing more than Hollywood whispers, that was until 2017 when the doors blew open and the decades-long abuse in Hollywood was exposed to the world. This led to the #MeToo movement which saw plenty of other notable Hollywood figures getting called out for sleezebag behaviour. 

Regardless of how much the folks in Lala Land like to stand on their soap box and preach to the world, they are not immune to corruption (some might even say they're worse than any other average industry). Regardless, knowing what we know now, would you still want a career in entertainment?  

What Hollywood Conspiracies Did We Miss?


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